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Drop off your Scissor at Trifecta Hair Show Salon Services NW

Make Scissor History:

Call all hairdressers and barbers to bring/donate your unusable scissors to make the CUT and make history with 1500 other stylist from around the world! This monumental statue shows our dedication to our industry. This is your chance to add your name!

Find our table June 13th 2017

TRIFECTA | Bellevue, WA

Never before seen cut, color & style collections from artists across the world:
  • Davines: Anthony Polsinelli, Lina Shamoun, Amanda Quarshie

  • Keune: Edward Woody, George Alderete

  • Kevin Murphy: Massimo Morello, Kate Reid, Marsha Moran, Tim McClean

  • Moroccanoil: Antonio Corral Calero, Kevin Hughes, Robert Ham

#Scissors #Cuba #Hairdressers #SalonServices #Trifecta #Davines #Kuenes #KevinMurphy #hairshow #NW #ScissorsforCuba

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