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Akito Scissors Campaign

Article in HJi Team Akito are asking hairdressers to donate their old scissors to help build a monumental sculpture in Barber Alley in Havana. Gilberto Valladares AKA Papito el peluquero ( Daddy the hairdresser) is wanting 1500 used hairdressing scissors from stylists around the world.

On 27th December 2016 at the Juan Valdas event in Cuba, the 9 foot tall scissor sculpture will be unveiled. Hairdressers who donate their scissors will receive a certificate and their name will be placed on the base of the sculpture.

If you would like to take part in this exciting event, please contact John or Katy at Akito Scissors. For more information please visit:

Team Akito will be sending a scissor parcel on 3rd December 2016.

I received a pair from a stylist in Flintshire UK. Thank you Charlotte Roberts and to Akito Scissors for helping us spread this once in lifetime monument! It takes a village.

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