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What a year and it's not even over! Here's why I stand with Cuban Hairdresser Gilberto Valladares known as Papito: opportunity+possibilities+philanthropy=profitability

I recognized an opportunity with Papito's vision for the community, humanitarian, cultural and historic projects around Havana, Cuba because it encompasses who we are with what we are to each other. His vision helps our future to reach past our salons and into the world.

I realized the possibilities by moving beyond the salon, gives us the ability to braid together as stylist and world changers to make a difference. Papito is a change agent who inspire his community to strive for meaningful life. We can do this for our communities too! By striving to help and supporting community, will empower the betterment of the world.

Papito's Artecorte philanthropy projects gives a message of hope, while creating a map of independence to take action in our daily lives. Papito cares deeply and see a way to help each person to become sustainable within and together! He's making a ripple effect in the community at large. Wow!

I see this as the ultimate in profitability for long term for his salon and the support of community because this increases visibility, expands influence with the children, young adults and the seniors. This ensures his legacy! Don't we all want this?

I feel like we need to shift our vision in our salons and bridge that gap! What will your legacy be?

Find your: opportunity+possibilities+philanthropy=profitability

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