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I have joined Artecorte Team

Update: Artecorte's new addition -Dayna Cakebread life volunteer as the Outreach Coordinator in North America

I am honored to become apart of Artecorte team. What does this mean? Well I'll be able to set up the 501c non-profit from America so we can create fundraising campaigns. I will also be able to organize the outreach volunteer calendar. My goal is to travel to Cuba 3 times a year to bring supplies and education to the projects.

+August 2016 Camilo and Papito asked me to be the North American Outreach Coordinator for Artecorte Projects in Havana, Cuba. We now have our non-profit website, we are ready for building network! Are you interested in volunteering, fundraising and donating supplies. Find out what we are up to!!!

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