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Havana, CUBA + You + Scissors=Making Scissor History!

Global Monument honoring all Hairdressers and Barbers

What to make hairdressing history with us? Donate your old, broken, even rusty scissors to be welded to a 9 foot scissor Sculpture!


In Havana, Cuba there is hairdressers monument that is being created by the famous barber Gilberto Valladares know as Papito. He wants all of us who are passionate to join him.

This statue's message is simple. From many come one: a united vision of our profession and its importance to the lives we touch. If only these scissors could talk!

Dayna Cakebread is their US Ambassador for this project because there is only one way to deliver the hand! Let's Make History -- donate to this year long project.

Join this free campaign: FORM
The Time is Now to send your scissors!
Dayna Cakebread Attn: Scissors For Cuba
4105 NE 18th Ave
Portland,Oregon 97211
Name, Salon Address, #,Email & Instagram

Who is Papito? Cuban Philanthropist 

This is Gilberto Valladares, AKA Papito: barber, salon owner, founder of a nonprofit beauty school, artist, and comminuty leader. He's a true philanthropist. Please join 3 To Be Me in making history in 2019.  You can check out Papito's facebook page for more live up to date:

FB: Proyecto Artecorte

Instagram: @artecortecuba

Sculpture is ready for our scissors! 2017
Located: Aguiar No. 10 Havana, Cuba
We have over 300 pairs as of Dec.27th 2017. We need more!!!
Can you help us?

Scissor Mission Video

Papito's scissor sculpture is looking for 1500 hairdressers/barbers old, used, or broken scissors to honor the lives that we touch and the honor of being an important part of our community globally!  Donate your old scissors by  to our on going project. Because there is no postal service that will accept sharp scissors in the mail from the US or anywhere, I will personally deliver them to Papito, and send you a certificate when I return. Thank you for helping to make history! America and Cuba unite!

Update as of May 16th 2016: Papito wants to say Thank You!

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